Broomburn and Shawwood Park - Results Full



In total, 3400 (approx.) households had surveys distributed to them on Friday 2nd November, with 887 responses being returned via post to Holyrood (or Spiersbridge) as of Friday 23rd November 2018.


This gives a turnout of 26.1% (approx.).


Parliamentary Plaudits for St Luke’s High School

St Luke’s High School in Barrhead received parliamentary plaudits from the House of Commons after the school was awarded its Green Flag by the Foundation for Environmental Education. An Early Day Motion was lodged by East Renfrewshire MP, Paul Masterton to highlight the award in Westminster.

Brexit Withdrawal Deal

As you know, on Wednesday night the full text of the draft Withdrawal Agreement and outline Future Relationship Declaration was released. 


I want to update you on my position.