SNP take sledgehammer to East Renfrewshire Council's budget


The SNP led Scottish Government has forced through real terms cuts to East Renfrewshire Council's budget of £2.77 million according to their own statistics, which have been revealed this week.


This follows and contradicts statements from the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and the Constitution, Derek Mackay MSP, that this was "a fair settlement for local government".


COSLA has argued that local government required a £545 million revenue increase in 2018/19 to just stand still.


East Renfrewshire has been disproportionately hit by Scottish Government tax rises both in Income and Council Tax alongside the SNP - Labour led local authority committing to raising Council Tax 3% each year until 2021 as well as cutting services.


Circa 50% of all homes in East Renfrewshire will see their Council Tax rates rise. This is as well as again around 50% of East Renfrewshire residents facing tax rises under the SNP's changes to Income Tax.


Commenting Eastwood MSP, Jackson Carlaw said:


“Eastwood is being hammered with tax increases across the board and with these real term cuts residents will be paying more for less."


East Renfrewshire MP, Paul Masterton said:


"The mask continues to slip for the SNP whose rhetoric of fair funding for local government can been seen to have been nothing but a cheap sham for East Renfrewshire."


Adding Conservative Council Group Leader, Cllr Stewart Miller said:


"Added on to the significant Council Tax rises, which affect around 50% of all local homes, these real terms cuts will simply mean a poorer deal from a Party who say they are apparently committed to standing up for Scotland."