SNP- Labour Administration at East Renfrewshire Council refuse to ban building on Shawwood Park.

Last night, 31st October, the SNP-Labour administration at East Renfrewshire Council refused to rule out building a new Eastwood Leisure Centre on Shawwood Park.


Conservative Councillors Jim Swift and Gordon Wallace tabled a motion that would have ruled out building the new centre on a “protected urban greenspace” in East Renfrewshire, such as Shawwood, Broomburn and Overlee Parks. Scandalously however, the administration refused to back the motion, reinforcing fears amongst local residents that Shawwood Park, listed as the preferred site in the initial report considered by the Council, is almost certain to be lost to development.


Local Conservative politicians have consistently argued against the use of one of the last remaining public green spaces in the area for the new Leisure Centre, and instead believe the facility should be built on the existing site at Eastwood Park.


Paul Masterton, MP for East Renfrewshire commented: 


“After a full week of telling us that we were scare mongering, last night the SNP-Labour administration had the chance to prove Shawwood Park was not under threat. That they failed to do so will speak volumes to local residents rightly worried that their local greenspace is going to be lost for this development.”  


Eastwood MSP, Jackson Carlaw added:


“If the administration was concerned about building on Shawwood Park they would have backed our motion last night. They refused to do so and instead used an amendment deliberately designed to keep Shawwood and Broomburn on the table as possible development sites. For them to accuse us of ‘scaremongering’ yet still refuse to rule out Shawwood or Broomburn park is quite simply hypocrisy”


Newton Mearns South Councillor Swift added:


"The SNP and Labour had the opportunity to take Shawwood, Broom Park and Overlee off the table last night. They decided not to do so. Now that Conservative requests for a new denominational High School have been agreed, there is no need to move the site for the leisure centre from Eastwood Park. They just don't listen; to either sense or the public."