Residents oppose Huntly Park development evidenced in MP and MSP survey


A survey exercise by Paul Masterton MP and Jackson Carlaw MSP has shown an overwhelming opposition to the potential commercial development of Braidbar Quarry and Huntly Park.


It was revealed in the run up to the May 2017 Council Election that Huntly Park was included as part of a larger proposal to redevelop Braidbar Quarry.


The local MP and MSP wrote to all households in the area immediately surrounding the sites in the second half of last year seeking the views of residents on the potential development.


The questionnaire attracted a response rate of 45 percent with an overwhelming 95 percent of participants stating that they are opposed to the prospective development of Braidbar Quarry and Huntly Park.


The survey returns also revealed that a significant number of residents do not feel very well informed about the matter or do not feel informed to any significant degree alongside a clear desire for a public meeting.


Mr Masterton and Mr Carlaw are aiming to arrange an public meeting to discuss the matter with constituents in due course.


Commenting East Renfrewshire MP, Paul Masterton said:


"As the Scottish Conservative candidate for East Renfrewshire at the June 2017 General Election, I pledged that if I was elected, I would fight against any attempt to develop the sites at Braidbar Quarry and Huntly Park.


"Development of the land would result not only in the loss of a hugely popular local resource in Huntly Park but would have real practical implications and create potential difficulties for the surrounding local infrastructure.


"As borne out by the results of our questionnaire, local residents have no desire to see development here and believe that the impact of any such project would be a negative one."


Eastwood MSP, Jackson Carlaw MSP added:


"Paul Masterton and I wrote to the households surrounding Braidbar Quarry and Huntly Park during last year’s General Election campaign setting out our concerns at the prospect of development and making clear that this was an important topic with which we would continue to engage.


"The large number of responses that we have received to our recent questionnaire - with almost 1000 individuals participating - demonstrates the strength of feeling that this possibility evokes.


"The questionnaire returns demonstrate that the overwhelming majority of people living nearby the sites would be firmly against development should a formal planning application be submitted to East Renfrewshire Council."