Prime Minister Resignation

She was dealt a near impossible hand, and no one could have worked harder to find a way through. But the reality is that a number of errors of judgement, and bad advice, compounded the complexities she was presented with in Office.

Unable to find a route through the Brexit impasse, she is now, however unfairly, seen as a barrier to progress and it is right for her to recognise this and pass that responsibility to a new Prime Minister. And she is absolutely right when she says:

"Never think compromise is a dirty word. Life consists of compromise."

Theresa May has served the country with dignity throughout her premiership. She has worked incredibly hard with a strong sense of duty, and her resilience in the face of one of the biggest political challenges this country has faced in peace time is remarkable. She has also been resolute in her defence and commitment to the Union.

I would like to thank her for her service to Party and Country, and for her personal support and encouragement since my election in 2017.