Paul Masterton elected Scottish Conservative MP for East Renfrewshire

Paul Masterton was duly elected as the Scottish Conservative MP for East Renfrewshire in last night's General Election, beating the sitting SNP MP Kirsten Oswald.

On a turnout of 76.76%, the Scottish Conservatives won 40% of the vote to retake the East Renfrewshire seat having lost it in the 1997 Labour landslide.

This was an 18% increase in the share of the vote from 2015.

The Scottish Conservatives polled 21,496 votes while the SNP were second on 16,784 and Scottish Labour a distant third with 14,346.

East Renfrewshire MP, Paul Masterton said:

"I am absolutely humbled by my election and wish to thank everyone in East Renfrewshire who put their faith in me.

"Whether you voted for me or not, I will be a Member of Parliament working hard to improve the lives of all in East Renfrewshire and our local community.

"This was not just a freak election in East Renfrewshire but a Scotland wide revolt against the SNP's neverendum obsession.

"The voters demanded it and now Nicola Sturgeon must act on it: no second independence referendum."

Eastwood MSP and Scottish Conservative Deputy Leader, Jackson Carlaw said:

“Paul will make a truly formidable MP standing up for East Renfrewshire, not independence.

"Having been there when we lost ever single seat in 1997 it is elating to see a Scottish Conservative revival after 20 years.

"Following the 2015 General Election Alex Salmond said the 'Scottish lion has roared'. Now the Scottish people have roared with a voice clear in its rejection of another independence referendum and many of its proponents."