More paying more for less in East Renfrewshire

The true extent of East Renfrewshire council cut backs over the last 6 years have been laid out. Research carried out by the offices of Paul Masterton MP and Jackson Carlaw MSP have found that as the number of East Renfrewshire residents has grown since 2011, the real terms council budget has been slashed by the Scottish Government.


Pre- 2017 the council budget was down in real terms by over 5% compared to 2011/12. Whilst the population of East Renfrewshire had grown from around 91,000 to around 94,0000.


This does not include the current proposal by East Renfrewshire council of a further £26 million worth of cuts between 2018-2021.


To add insult to injury the current budget proposals will see average council tax hikes in East Renfrewshire of around 3% per annum.


East Renfrewshire MP, Paul Masterton commented:


‘In East Renfrewshire the real terms budget of the council has taken a nose dive. The Scottish Government have cut funding to local authorities and the results of such cuts can be seen in the strain put on local services and the quality of our roads’


‘The Scottish Government cannot carry on taking money from hard working families in East Renfrewshire for that money not to be reinvested in our local community’


Eastwood MSP, Jackson Carlaw added:


‘In real terms East Renfrewshire’s budget has seen a £13million cut pre- 2017. As population has continued to increase in East Renfrewshire, services are continually stretched. This of course does not take into account the next set of cuts proposed between 2018 -21. With a council tax on the rise the least council tax payers will demand is a service no less than they currently enjoy’