Masterton voices concerns about Rouken Glen after festival

East Renfrewshire MP, Paul Masterton has written to East Renfrewshire Council Chief Executive, Lorraine McMillian concerning the state of Rouken Glen Park following the Playground Festival held in the first weekend of August.

While the festival was well received, there have been concerns about the state in which the park has been left in. Almost four weeks later debris is still littered across the festival area with stands, metalwork and cardboard remain discarded in park grounds. Deep tyre tracks left behind by heavy machinery have filled with water resulting in areas of the park unavailable for residents and visitors.

The damage also affected the planned ‘Kids Party in the Park’ event which took place weeks later and had to be moved at short notice to another section of the park.

Rouken Glen Park was voted the UK’s Best Park at the Fields in Trust awards in 2016, and residents are wanting to know when their park will be restored to its usual state.

Paul Masterton MP comments:

“The festival was ultimately a success and well-received across the community; however, the park remains a mess. East Renfrewshire Council and the organisers must provide a clear timetable for we can expect the affected areas to be returned to normal.

From conversations with officials, it seems that three dry days are required for the clear-up process to continue; we have now had nearly a week suitable weather, and I hope progress can now be accelerated.

I visit the park with my family as well, and I have no problem with events of this kind taking place in East Renfrewshire provided that organisers and the council are mindful to residents’ concerns, continue to liaise with the community and do everything they can to protect our green spaces.

With the festival likely to take place next year, residents are looking for assurances that this will not be a recurring matter.”


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