Masterton condemns SNP indy obsession

Paul Masterton MP has raised the SNP's unwillingness to accept Scotland's 2014 No vote during a SNP Opposition Day debate, 'Claim of Right for Scotland', in the House of Commons.

The Scottish Conservative politician criticised the SNP for being "completely unable to distinguish between the will of the Scottish people and the whim of the Scottish National Party".

East Renfrewshire voted No to separation with some 63.2% of eligible voters backing the United Kingdom on a 90.4% turnout.

Commenting East Renfrewshire MP, Paul Masterton said:

“Separation would be bad for Scotland, bad for East Renfrewshire and was rejected by Scots nearly 4 years ago.

"The SNP are unwilling and unable to see that their wish for so called independence grates with voters more concerned with the day to day issues that affect their families and on which this SNP Scottish Government is flagging.

"Only by voting Scottish Conservative in 2021 can we replace Nicola Sturgeon and her constitutional grievance with Ruth Davidson and her team who will govern in Scotland's national interest."