“East Renfrewshire sees second highest jump in crime, in Scotland.”

Crime in East Renfrewshire has seen the second highest jump in Scotland, as incidents rose by more than 14% compared to last year.


The number of crime and offences committed in the area for the period 2017-18 topped 4400, whilst the number of “sexual crimes” hit 112.


The rise comes on the back of a number of Asian households who had been targeted by break-ins last year.


Across Scotland figures released show an overall one per cent increase since last year, including a higher number of incidents of violence, robbery, sex assaults and crimes of dishonesty.

Local politicians Jackson Carlaw MSP and Paul Masterton MP have stated that the reason for such a sharp rise in crime is a result of the SNP Government’s “soft touch” on criminals.


Paul Masterton, MP for East Renfrewshire commented:


“Any rise in crime will be considered unacceptable by the public but for a 14% increase in one year is deeply concerning. The Police in East Renfrewshire are absolutely dedicated to serving their community and keeping people safe, but they are continually stretched and we are seeing the results of that in these figures. This problem is not going to be fixed until the SNP Government see sense and give our Officers the backing they need to get on with the job.”


Jackson Carlaw, MSP for Eastwood added:


“This rise in crime is certainly not as a result of any lack of focus or diligence by our own local police officers in whom I have every confidence. An SNP government which continually places the wellbeing of the offender ahead of the victim and which through incompetent political oversight has so undermined public confidence in the leadership and direction of Police Scotland cannot avoid responsibility. The first priority of a Conservative government will be to put victims first, restore public confidence and give the police the support they need.”