East Renfrewshire residents pay for biggest increase in Council Tax income in Scotland

According to the latest Audit Scotland report, East Renfrewshire council taxpayers have paid for the biggest percentage increase in Council Tax revenue in Scotland.


East Renfrewshire residents have increased council tax revenue by more than 12% in this financial year, more than any other council area in Scotland. Council tax has risen because of recent reforms.


9% of the rise came due to council tax banding reform whilst the remaining rise came from council tax increases.


However, even after the additional revenue raised by hardworking families in East Renfrewshire is considered, council chiefs are still faced with a £26 million cut from the budget because of a lack Scottish Government funding.


As a result, a council tax payer will now be paying more for less. Current plans outline a proposed 10% reduction in the infrastructure budget and 8% cut in education spending in East Renfrewshire.



East Renfrewshire MP, Paul Masterton, said:


“East Renfrewshire council taxpayers are being asked to fork out time and again to fund Scottish Government incompetency. With the proposed £26 million worth of cuts coming and a 12% increase in council tax revenue, East Renfrewshire residents are starting to ask what there hard earned money is being spent on”


Eastwood MSP, Jackson Carlaw added:



“East Renfrewshire residents are being asked to pay more tax for less as they hit are hit hard by local and national tax rises.”

“With a 12% increase in Council income, a cut in local services and a proposed hike in Income Tax many will be asking themselves how they benefit from these changes”