East Renfrewshire Conservatives campaign to ‘Stop The SNP Car Park Tax’

The Scottish Conservatives have launched a nationwide petition against the proposed SNP ‘car park tax’ included in Finance Secretary Derek Mackay’s revised budget plans.


On Saturday 16th February, a team of East Renfrewshire Conservative activists – led by local MP Paul Masterton took to Clarkston High Street promoting the petition to ‘Stop The SNP Car Park Tax’.


Under the proposals announced by the SNP, councils will be given the power to put in place a workplace parking levy. If introduced this would result in employers paying an annual tax to councils for every parking space that is provided for its employees. Employers then have the option of passing the cost for this on to staff meaning workers could be forced to pay around £500 just to park at their place of work.


East Renfrewshire MP Paul Masterton and Eastwood MSP Jackson Carlaw are calling on the SNP to re-think this poorly thought through proposal and are urging local residents to sign the Scottish Conservative petition.


The petition can be signed via - https://www.conservatives.com/scotland/carparktax.


Paul Masterton MP for East Renfrewshire said:


“It was clear from the response to our street stall in Clarkston that many people living in East Renfrewshire are appalled at yet another attack by the SNP on the pockets of hard working taxpayers.


“Many people drive not out of choice but out of necessity. At a time when local bus services have been cut back, and the rush hour trains into Glasgow are sometimes overcrowded and not always running on time, it is a disgrace that the Scottish Government want to punish local businesses and their employees for parking where they work.


“They should see sense and scrap the idea altogether.”


Jackson Carlaw MSP for Eastwood said:


“The SNP car park tax could result in employees having to fork out hundreds of pounds just so they are able to park at their place of work.


“The SNP has already broken manifesto commitments not to raise the basic rate of income tax and to cap council tax rises at three percent. On top of this, Nicola Sturgeon is now pressing ahead with an unwanted car park tax for which there is no democratic mandate.


“Derek Mackay has even admitted that no economic analysis was undertaken before he announced the car park tax and the SNP should think again about this ill-considered proposal.”