Saving our green spaces

East Renfrewshire has changed considerably in recent decades, with significant development occurring all over the constituency. It’s little surprise people want to move to the area, but it’s vital that future developments are necessary, appropriate and matched by upgraded infrastructure.


There are a significant number of brownfield sites which can be turned into much needed new housing and commercial developments. Such projects, if well thought through and done properly, deserve support from the public and politicians. That’s why I get so frustrated when I see ridiculous proposals coming forward to concrete over what limited remaining greenspace we have.


Development of the greenbelt is unacceptable because it is unnecessary here. So I was delighted to stand with communities in Waterfoot and Barrhead when ridiculous speculative developments were put in. I also continue to campaign against proposed changes to Glasgow Airport flight paths, that would have a devastating impact on the quiet rural life in Uplawmoor.


I was also delighted to successfully campaign against a proposal by East Renfrewshire Council to build a new leisure centre on precious greenspace. Not because I didn’t think we need better leisure facilities, but because I thought the better (and cheaper!) plan was to rebuild a new centre on the existing site. The proposals which could have seen Broom or Shawwood Parks in Newton Mearns destroyed caused huge local anger, and after a year of making the case side by side with the community, we were successful. The Council saw sense, changed their minds, and a fantastic new facility will be built at Eastwood Park.