Opposing a second independence referendum

In 2014, East Renfrewshire voted decisively to stay part of our United Kingdom and that vote needs to be respected. It is high time Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP Scottish Government understood that people in East Renfrewshire prioritise education, health and numerous other issues over constitutional wrangling. For now, we are stuck with a Scottish Government at Holyrood that focuses on one policy and one policy alone: breaking up our country. Whilst we might need to wait until 2021 to elect Ruth Davidson as First Minister and get a Government that will get on with the day job of taking Scotland forward, it is vital that those of us who believe in Scotland’s place in the Union continue to counter the independence obsession of the SNP.

As your representative at Westminster, I continue to champion, promote and defend Scotland's place in the UK in dozens of debates. Alongside my Scottish Conservative Colleagues, I helped to secure over £2bn of additional funding from the UK Government for Scotland's public services in the 2017 budget and ensured key investment and support for some of our most important industries, like Oil and Gas, and whisky.

I promised to oppose Nicola Sturgeon’s drive for a second independence referendum, and until she takes it off the table, that’s exactly what I will do.